Project Member

My name is Supritha Sundaram. I am a third year computer science major.

Project Discription

My project is the Relatedness Estimator. I am going to be working on constructing a method for determining whether
2 individuals are siblings.

Goal for the quarter

Complete the easy level of the project, which is to develop a technique for finding if two people are related
and how alleles are found on related chromosomes.

Weekly schedule

Week One

Do preliminary research and collect data. I went over the project ideas, and selected the Relatedness Estimator. I looked through the slides and lecture notes to understand what I was doing. I created the wiki page and figured out how to edit it. I did some research and took some notes.
Grade for the week: A

Week Two

I had many questions about the project. So, I went to Professor Eskin's office hours. We went over the project, and I created the probabilty tables. I looked over several sibling sets of data. I decided to generate some data of my own. I worked on different sets of data
Grade for the week: A

Week Three

I started coding, and worked out my algorithm.
Grade for the week: A

Week Four

I finished coding. I worked out all the bugs in my code. Started analyzing my code.
I started collecting performance results for the algorithm.
I finished the powerpoint presentation and performance analysis. I've put the analysis inside the powerpoint presentation.

And I've attached these files to this project page.

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