Project Description

In Meta analysis, our goal is to combine the statistics from different studies. For instance, if two different case/control studies have M
and N individuals, then we can put these studies together to get a M+N individual study. However, multiple can arise. How should we combine and deal with statistics that come from different populations? What if different SNP's are collected and study phenotypes are different?

About Me

My name is Sarkis Khachatryan and I am a 4th year CS major and math minor. I decided to enroll in this course because it offers something new and different compared with most other CS classes. I enjoy statistics as well, so I really look forward to leaving this course having gained a lot.


My goals for this quarter include learning a lot more about genetics in general. I also want to learn and complete my final project on Meta Analysis and asnwer and apply simple meta-analysis statistic to simulated data to see how the power compares to grouping individuals together.

Weekly Schedule

(Week 4) - Make Wiki

Next few weeks - start making progress on research of project to anticipate major obstacles that will be encountered along the way.

(Week 5 - Week 8)
Research on meta-analysis.
Formulas for combining 2 different studies…Trivial ways and potentially better ways.
Obtained good grasp on what needs to be done.

Will speak with the professor to confirm details.

Self Evaluation - Made great progress

(Week 9)
Discovered the two formulas that I will be analyzing and comparing.
Obstacles - Must maximize a function with numerous variables.
Will seek to find the difference of the two different techniques by looking at the power with random parameters.
For presentation: must try and present as simple as possible so that the class audience will be able to follow the details and equations.
*A good idea is to have a review slide of statistics aritmethic so the class can follow the following sildes.

Evaluation - Excellent. Almost done.

(Week 10)
Obstacle - Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality
Will show a geometric way of solving the problem so it is more clear to the audience.

Finalize the slides.


Evaluation - Excellent. I felt that the presentation went fairly well.

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