Project Description:

Meta-Analysis is used to increase the statistical power of research studies. If two different case/control studies have M and N individuals, we can put them together to get an M+N individual study.
Many times individual studies will fail to show significance due to small population samples, but with Meta-Analysis significant associations can be obtained. Meta-Analysis is applicable to collections of research that produce quantitative results and are comparable given a research question.

About Me:

My name is Kiana Pourjanfeshan. I am an undergraduate Computer Science and Engineering student and I will be graduating in June. This is my last quarter at UCLA!


My goals for the quarter are to learn more about genetics and how significant associations are obtained through statistical analysis. I would like to learn how certain SNPs are associated with certain diseases.
From the project I hope to learn about the various techniques used to analyze the statistical data.

Progress Report:


I found that Meta-Analysis does indeed increase the statistical power of association studies.

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